The Farmer's Cow Milk

The Farmer's Cow Milk

You can be sure that The Farmer’s Cow milk is a great choice for your family because you can actually visit the cows that make the milk!

Our farm members take great pride in the work that we do and share a common commitment to sustainable agriculture. The rich soils of our fields are perfect for growing nutritious crops like hay and corn that the cows we love. Our farmers know the best milk comes from contented cows and choose not to use artificial growth hormones (rBST) on our dairy herds. Plus our milk is truly local and as fresh as it can be! Why? Because our milk is bottled early in the morning, close to our farms, right here in Connecticut.

As committed as we are to taking care of our Connecticut farms, our farm families are also committed to taking good care of you. We’re dedicated to producing natural, Connecticut milk, fresh daily, from our families to yours. Today and for many years to come. Local is Fresh!

The Farmer's Cow Milk

Our cows eat local too!

Our farmers know that cows need to be well-fed, healthy and comfortable to produce milk. We take great care to make sure they get the proper nutrition by feeding homegrown forages that consist of grass, hay and corn silage.
Well-fed, healthy and comfortable cows.

Grass and hay is a significant part of cow’s diet and is an important source of fiber and protein. We also feed homegrown corn silage, which is a good source of carbohydrates and energy. In addition to the forages, we supplement the ration with grains and minerals to provide a well-balanced ration. The Farmer's Cow Apple Cider

We take great care to harvest our crops at the right time so we can achieve the optimum nutritional value.  

Come to a farm tour to see the cows and learn how we care for them every day of the year!