Connecticut Farms. Connecticut Hens.
Fresh Connecticut Eggs!

Large & Jumbo Grade A Brown Eggs.

Large, Extra Large & Jumbo Grade A Brown Eggs

The Farmer’s Cow Eggs are locally produced by Connecticut hens that are raised on Connecticut farms. Our hens are fed an all-natural, whole-grain diet with no animal by-products, no preservatives, no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics. Our customers love the rich orange color of the yolks and great taste. Just what you would expect from The Farmer’s Cow!

Eggs are a perfect example of how we work to create a sustainable agricultural economy in Connecticut. Poultry farms play a role in keeping our region green with fertile soil. Hen manure is an excellent natural source of nitrogen. Dairy farms use it to grow fantastic crops of corn and grass to feed our cows.

Poultry and dairy farms are also good customers of the railroad. In fact, agriculture is one of the biggest freight customers of the New England Central Railroad in Connecticut. We feel good about this. We are helping to maintain a very energy efficient means of freight transportation.

So, please enjoy The Farmer’s Cow Fresh Connecticut Eggs knowing that you are supporting a diversity of local agriculture and our local economy.

Connecticut Farms. Connecticut Hens. Fresh Connecticut Eggs!

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The Farmer's Cow Eggs Are UEP Certified

The Farmer’s Cow is committed to providing American consumers the safest, best quality and most economical eggs in the world.

The United Egg Producers Certified program standards are the strictest in the industry. Our farmers commit to these stringent guidelines and are audited by the USDA and Validus for compliance on 100% of their farms before they are allowed to place the United Egg Producers Certified seal of approval on their egg packaging.

The UEP Certified program for cage production provides assurance that hens receive adequate space, nutritious food, clean water, proper lighting, and fresh air daily as well as improves the flock’s livability and egg production rates.