The Farmer's Cow
Heavy Cream and Half & Half

The Farmer’s Cow Heavy Cream and Half & Half

Cream of the Crop

Professional chefs and dairy connoisseurs know that all creams are not created equal. This is why The Farmer’s Cow fresh Heavy Cream is pasteurized in the traditional way at the peak of freshness, preserving its buttery texture and farm-fresh flavor.

See how our cream can add an extra dimension to your recipes. Perfect in all of your dishes, our Heavy Cream whips beautifully, forms perfect sauces. Taste the difference The Farmer’s Cow Heavy Cream makes in your cooking and baking.

Half & Half and Heavy CreamHalf farm-fresh cream.
Half farm-fresh milk.
Entirely delicious!

Just like our Milk and Heavy Cream, The Farmer’s Cow fresh Half & Half is also pasteurized the traditional way. The result is a great fresh taste! So, enjoy the rich, creamy taste of The Farmer’s Cow Half & Half in your coffee, for cooking, or over some locally grown berries.

Naturally, our farmers choose not to use any artificial growth hormones (rBST)† on our cows, so all of our dairy products are rBST free.

Ultra-pasteurized vs. Traditional Pasteurized: What's the Difference?

When you go to your local market to purchase milk products you’ll see most items are “ultra-pasteurized” and The Farmer’s Cow is not. Why and what’s the difference?

Ultra-pasteurized products are processed at an extremely high temperature. The advantage is that milk and cream can last longer to travel long distances and sit on the shelf longer without spoiling.

 But the ultra-high temperature also causes dairy products to lose a lot of their natural flavor. In fact some professional chefs say ultra-pasteurized products are “un-milk like.” Not words we want associated with The Farmer’s Cow!

Our milk and cream products are pasteurized the traditional way at much lower temperatures (at least 165F for 20 seconds). This is just enough to kill any harmful bacteria and yet still allow the milk to retain its farm-fresh flavor and unchanged natural proteins. And because we’re REAL LOCAL, the distance from our farms to the store is short, which gives you the best nutritional value, farm-freshest taste and generates the smallest carbon footprint for the environment.