There’s Local.
And then there’s REAL LOCAL.

REAL LOCALWith more people wanting “local”, more & more manufacturers are labeling their products as local…. some from hundreds of miles away. To us, that’s more like the answer to a riddle: “When is ‘local’ not really local?”

The Farmer’s Cow milk, cream and ice cream are from six Connecticut, family-owned farms – not from six distant states. Our dairy products come from real working farms and contented cows that you can actually visit.

The distance from our farms to the store is short – and a short distance to your table too. Why does this matter?

Farm-fresh products give you the best nutritional value the faster they get to you, and generate the smallest carbon footprint for the environment.

By supporting The Farmer’s Cow, you’re not only receiving REAL LOCAL, premium-quality products, you’re also keeping your purchasing power local – investing in our shared community and economy: We employ locally, buy locally, sponsor locally, sustain locally and preserve locally!

And, you can feel real good knowing that you’re helping to preserve precious farmland, wildlife habitat and our region’s celebrated pastoral beauty.

Thank You for Buying Real Local!

The Farmer's Cow REAL Local!

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