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Hytone Farm

Hytone Farm's history began in Coventry in 1944 when Giovani Peracchio purchased the land to grow fruits and vegetables with his son, Tony. A few cows were raised to milk during the winter months, so year-round income could be ensured. In 1960, when Giovani retired, Tony purchased the farm and shifted the farm to dairy cows, as demand for New England vegetables changed. Tony's two sons, Bill and Tom grew up doing chores and learning how to operate the family farm. As the herd of Holsteins grew, more land was acquired to grow crops to feed the animals.

Now the farm at the top of the hill in Coventry has the fourth generation of Peracchios working the land. Bill, Tom, and now Bill's son, Greg, work together to produce quality milk on the family farm. They raise all their own Holstein cows for the farm and currently have 165 young stock. Crops grown for the animals consist of 220 areas of corn for silage and 130 acres of grass for silage . Hytone Farm has received many Distinguished Farming awards through the years. Coventry has been a great place to farm and raise families, and the Peracchios plan to continue the Hytone Farm family tradition for generations to come.

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Hytone Farms, Coventry Connecticut
Bill Peracchio of Hytone Farms
Bill Peracchio
Bill graduated from the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture at UConn. He and his wife, Janette, raised their children Greg, Sara and Sandra in Coventry. Bill was selected as the Outstanding Young Farmer by the Jaycees, representing Connecticut in 1980.

He has been active in many community, church and farm activities and organizations through the years. He is presently on the Resolutions Committee of Agri-Mark Milk Cooperative and a member of the Very Alive and Connecticut Farm Bureau. In the past he served on the ASCS: Conservation Service; and he served as the President of the Central Connecticut.
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